I am an Assistant Professor at University of Puerto Rico (UPR)Medical Sciences Campus (MSC). My general research topic is the application of machine learning approaches to generate predictive models using biomedical data oriented to minority populations.

I am also the Principal Investigator of the ARL Lab Bioinformatics and Health Informatics and the Director of the Integrated Informatics Services (IIS) core (part of the Center for Collaborative Research in Health Disparities (CCRHD), MSC, UPR. Our mission is to "provide Bioinformatics and Health Informatics services as they apply to the Biomedical Science, as well as develop research on Computer Science approaches applied to Bioinformatics and Health Informaticsfor precision medicine in minority health".

Email: abiel.roche@upr.edu | Phone: 1-787-758-2525 ext. 1013 | ARL Lab: http://arl-lab.rcm.upr.edu